Wireless Router Positioning

Your wireless router’s positioning can greatly affect your coverage area and the strength of your signal. Follow these quick tips to position your router for the best signal:

  • Place the router in the middle of your house. If you place the router in a room off to the side of your house, you won’t get as strong a signal on the other side of your house.
  • Position the router’s antenna vertically, so that the antenna is standing straight up. Many antennas can be adjusted and lie horizontally, but standing straight up is generally the ideal position. If you have multiple antennas make each one slightly angled from the others. Like this>  \|/.
  • Elevate your router away from floors. You’ll get better reception if the router is on a desk, not on the floor.
  • If you have a 2 story house placing the router downstairs high up on a shelf or cabinet.
  • Use Cat-6 cable to connect your modem to your wireless router. (shorter cables are best to avoid tangles and coils that can allow interference)
  • Microwaves, Cordless Phones, CB and Short Wave Radio should be positioned away from wireless routers. Sometimes if you have heavy machinery plugged in to electricity or even a strong blender you may notice a signal drop while the device is running. Large motors and machines can cause electromagnetic interference.

You should also pay attention to the kinds of materials the router is near. For example, placing the router on a metal desk or up against a metal wall will cause problems. Signals can travel through a wood desk easily, but metal and brick will obstruct the signals.



Other types of obstructions can also cause problems. For example, if there’s a metal filing cabinet between your computer and the router, you may not receive a wireless signal. The same applies to other types of dense objects.


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