Industries Served

We specialise in giving your business a personalized solution that meets your needs an also works for your checkbook.  Our technicians have been serving businesses since 1995 and have grown to work with many industries.



We have worked with both major automakers on projects ranging from digital imaging for automated insurance claims processing, customer waiting room amenities, parts database & inventory control, distance learning and network management. Our expertise have been utilized as both dealer services and also direct to small independent sales and repair shops. 


We know that guest services is a business with little room for error, that is why hotels and motels choose to use our cloud managed wi-fi systems to serve up reliable secure Internet with features your guests expect.  We are also authorized by Dish Network for hotel television systems and have experience with DirecTV and Cable TV Systems. 

Real Estate

We have technologies that can enhance real estate listing beyond the daily grind of selling property.  We can make your listing stand out with powerful websites,  maps and information make it easy to find the perfect location.  QR codes and NFC are a great way to enhance your listing along with wireless information being broadcast from the home right to the viewers mobile device without having an Internet connection at the vacant house! We love to think creative! 


Our staff can help retail stores succeed by opening new doors and exploring ideas outside the box.  We offer point of sale and computer systems that fit businesses of all sizes.  We have unique digital signage for specials or social media sharing,  as well as guest wi-fi that uses Facebook check-ins instead of passwords for secure Internet access.  Our marketing services are truly one of a kind!

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